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    D E V O T I O N T O T R U T H
    STARDATE 24318-2237


    The 4HG was tasked with retaking Krisenda Command. The Group was quite successful in destroying or driving off significant Hegemony Command fleets and recapturing the station by marine assault. Comms intercepted communications between Hegemony forces in the system and their command indicating they are abandoning the system for the time being. If that is indeed the case, Krisenda will be significantly safer for the foreseeable future.

    Following the 4HG’s victory in Krisenda, they were assigned to escort a convoy of engineering supplies from Waypoint 60 to Krisenda-VIII to refurbish Brunel and Stephenson stations because their life support supply manufacturing capability is vital to stabilizing the remaining stations in the system.

    Shortly after rendezvous with the convoy, the fleet was surprised by a large pirate flotilla, which had followed the convoy through the gate. Relentless detected a hostile boarding action and suffered significant losses to her Marine complement whilst fending off the intruders. Oblivion’s whisper became a full fledged cry from the heart when she was caught by several overpowered pirate ships and launched life pods. Fortunately the pirates fell for this ruse and moved off to their next target. All crew made it back on board, and one of the engineering ships was left behind to repair Oblivion while the rest of the division moved on towards Krisenda VIII.

    Invictus and Relentless were ordered to continue escorting the convoy towards Brunel and Stephenson stations, as the their systems and security are of high priority (they manufacture Imperial life support equipment). Both ships were forced to engage enemy fleets and lead them away from the convoy. Each ship suffered heavy damage which caused them to withdraw to be relieved by the other. Invictus’ systems became heavily damaged after intercepting a booby-trapped vessel appearing to flee the system. Periodic system failures became common on Invictus as the group continued, despite temporary repairs which kept the ship intact for the remainder of the shift. After successful arrival of the convoy at the stations, Relentless escorted Invictus out of Krisenda to Cerberus Command’s Shipyards.

    Meanwhile, Oblivion moved into Krisenda I to respond to distress calls to the TSN from civilian industrial complexes. Repeated calls for assistance were met with no discernable TSN response, so the patched up Oblivion went to see if she could assist.

    Whilst Oblivion was able to defend some of the stations, I-32A and I-902S were both destroyed before the TSN could assist. Life pods were collected by both Oblivion and TSN vessels. TSN ships arrived late in the battle to assist, and many of their ships were destroyed in the fighting. After the remaining Kralien forces had been cleared, ISN Oblivion moved alongside the TSN shuttle to organise transfer of survivors.



    A Samnite class heavy cruiser hull is available for commissioning. It is the last of the older model before the current enhancement package was deployed. The hull was stranded incomplete in Cerberus during the Hegemonic occupation. It was parked inconspicuously and with critical systems disabled. It’s systems implementation has now been completed to original specification. The enhancements package is expected to be implemented during off-shift hours over the next couple of rotations.

    The USFP have obviously been making serious efforts to sow disaffection among the stations of Krisenda if they prefer to appeal for aid to the TSN rather than returning ISN forces. Dissidents should be watched for to identify ringleaders for removal. Sabotage of returning imperial control is to be expected, even at the level of slow or shoddy production.


    The valuable industrial assets in Krisenda I&II must be safeguarded from threats external and internal until imperial control is unquestioned. Deep Space stations in the system must also be monitored for disaffection among the ISS military assets.

    Given the degraded state of the infrastructuture, comm and sensor platforms in Krisenda should be inspected and overhauled. There may be entirely too much undetected and unwanted traffic that might hinder the peaceful reestablishment of imperial security for the system.

    Naval R&D may require further escort for scientific investigations into Kralien Relics and/or the Poseidon Rift.

    Traitorous Senatorial Ne’er-do-well forces appear to be increasing in stature and number, as the recent events have dictated. All officers are reminded of the fact that the phaser arrays in use by human forces are on average substantially more potent than, say, Kralien particle beamers. Deployment of these upgrades is not yet universal because TSN units encountered in the last three shifts have all been older, lower-powered versions. Avoid complacency! Special care should be taken around TSN patrol destroyers — despite their small size and lack of substantial high speed capabilities, their beamers are capital-grade, and capable of significant firepower. Likewise, traitor fleet craft should be treated as hunter-killer equivalent units, as they may perform warp combat maneuvers at any time. Deployment of hostile torpedoes and mines is also a potential factor.

    Our Stellar Cartography and navigation systems may need updating and/or recalibration, as navigation between sectors within the Poseidon Rift was not as by-the-books as we are used to. Whether this has to do with this alternate universe we have found ourselves in or it is a result of our own systems has yet to be determined.

    Caution is advised when engaging Pirate fighter strike forces individually, as reports have been received that these Pirate scum have successfully miniaturized their tractor beam emitters and installed them on many of their single-seat craft to terrible effect.

    S U P E R I O R I T Y

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