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    Since the end of the season, we’ve been developing the idea of running ‘mini-series’ missions. These mini-series are basically three linked missions that tell a story. They are all designed to have a clear beginning, middle and end. These mini-series are going to run between our major season arcs to give time for full preparations and planning of them.

    The first of these to run has been a series called ‘Chained to the Rocks’ written by Jafar and has seen us starting with our recon mission in to Promethean. We are looking for more ideas though!

    If anyone has snippets of ideas, or even wants to design a three mission mini-series, we’d like to know.

    A couple of guidelines (these are still being developed as this is a relatively new idea):
    – there must be a clear beginning, middle and end.
    – only the tools available can be used (i.e. the story should not need an update to the sandbox or mod to work)
    – each mission should link to the next part of the story
    – the mini-series must consist of exactly 3 missions

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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