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    To avoid having to set up loads of threads for the different modules and the tools you can use, I have created this thread. To post here, simply add a line below the entry (see forum guidelines) stating which modules the particular tool could be used for. I’ll post some ideas below as I think of them to give a model to follow.


    Translation Matrix
    A standard program to decode and translate known alien languages.

    Lingustic analysis Sub-routine
    Used on unknown alien languages, the sub-routine works to decode basic grammatical structures of the language.


    Multi-spacial antenna array
    A piece of equipment connected to almost all long range communications equipment enabling the transmission and reception of long range communications e.g. ship-to-ship or system-to-system.

    Uses: When set to receive, it can be calibrated to pick up certain signal frequencies or aligned to pick up signals from specific locations. It can also be modulated to transmit specific frequencies or the transmission stream narrowed for more intense beams to cut through interference or transmit over a longer distance.

    (Interstellar Communications)


    Power Relays
    Power relays are connected to systems via a series of couplings and use quantum energy to provide power to almost all systems aboard a starship, from life support to security systems.
    Power must always flow in one specific direction around a loop. Should too relays running opposite directions meet, they would immediately disrupt the circuit due to the quantum feedback, causing a short out.


    Security Bypass Algorithm
    This program enables access to security protected systems. Used correctly, it will bypass the security protocols without being detected. On advanced security systems, the algorithm may take longer to unlock the system, or on heavily shielded systems may not work at all. This might be down to external systems blocking access, which may have to be bypassed manually. The general rule is that, the further away you are from the system being accessed (both physically and through the type of access port being used), the more challenging it can be, with less chance of success and a longer time required.

    Uses: When run on a console, the algorithm will allow a uses to bypass security protocols that may otherwise stop them from accessing certain functions or information within the connected systems. Programs and information can then be accessed, activated, uploaded and downloaded.

    (Data Encryption)

    Matthew Vaj


    Standard kit on away missions containing bandages, tourniquets, pain relief medication, an array of antimicrobial drugs, and basic surgical tools.

    Handheld Medical Scanner

    Device used to determine a patient’s general status. Measures temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate, among other things.

    Medical Body Scanner

    Device located in sickbay, used for a full-body, multi-spectral analysis of a patient’s body. Incorporates X-ray, MRI, and CT scan technology to determine a patient’s status in great detail.

    Genetic Analysis

    Used for determining effects of radiation damage on a person’s DNA, the identity of a person, and the genetic makeup of newly discovered lifeforms.


    A band of rubber or fabric with a clasp, used to reduce blood circulation in a seriously injured limb.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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