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    This forum has been set up to allow officers to post up short stories or information about their own character.

    Though it is possible to add a reply to the posts, please refrain from doing so.

    This will allow people to make numerous posts that follow on from one another, rather than being broken up by responses. An admin will determine if posts need to be deleted, or can be contacted should you require a post to be removed from a topic.

    If you wish to post on this forum, you are not required to write “in-character” to create background information for your own character. Please observe protocol when posting OOC however.

    Posts should be typed in italics using the <em> [text] </em> tags at the beginning and end of the post.

    When presenting your character backstory, begin a single topic with the full character’s name as a title. Do not enter your current rank as this will likely change as you advance through the rank system.

    To add new/ more information about your character, simply add a new post to your own character topic. Please do not begin a new topic. This should ensure all the information about your character is kept in one place.

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