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    As you are now aware, we have successfully moved our resources to the Onwia system. At present, engineers are working on prepping the transports to allow us to dock directly for resupply, as well as use the other facilities aboard whilst we are on down-time. Whilst they work on that, we need to determine the most secure location for our base of operations.

    Turning to the Intel officers present, Xavier nods.

    Do you have the latest maps of the Onwia system prepared to share? Any insights that you can share with us at present?


    Here it is, Sir.

    Garion used his pad to send the map to everyone in attendence.

    We need to be in an asteroid field as that is going to server as the anchor for our base modules.

    OOC: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6a5q6dGzpZPvXMYq7

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    Clears his throat to make his presence known…

    Sector 7 would seem the most likely place to put a hidden, temporary base. Any sector would be only one transition away from the Gate, however, this one contains nebulae and asteroids, with no enemy-held positions. Sectors 4 & 6 would seem like good sectors, except we saw a lot of incoming enemy transitions to Sector 5 from the Spinwards and Trailing borders. Plus, it’s far off any routes that should be likely to be traveled.

    Ensign Deadman

    Motions to speak, once getting a head nod to go ahead I start to speak.

    I have to agree with sector 7 from a defense point of view for a temporary base setup, But with that said I think we need to keep an Eye open for a spot to put a station weather it be in sector 7 or not. Do we have any plans for that at this time ?


    Glancing at the master manifest for all the Onwia transports to confirm, then putting down his data pad, Xansta responds to Ensign Deadman’s question:

    Based on our current operational mission profile and the limited amount of the supplies available, the ONI analysts are leaning towards a light base or no base and resupply from transports rather than a more permanent station. It’s much easier to preserve transports on the move than to defend a fixed location. However, a base would simplify resupply operations. We lose less if a small base is destroyed compared to the loss of a larger, more permanent station. The profile presented to the Hegemony of a smaller base more closely aligns with our cover as pirates.

    Still, the Ensign’s strategic point has merit and his question should be considered. ONI, as always, leaves the final decision to the Fleet Captain as to how to use the resources allocated to the Fourth Light Division for the mission.

    Xansta returns to slowly scrolling through reports on his data pad, his attention split between the conference and the seemingly endless digital paperwork associated with ONI responsibilities.


    Sirs, Sector 9 also seems promising, especially if we decide to go the route of only loose transport vessels. In case of problems they can move through the nebula corewards to try and escape the problem. This might make it easier to move about the system too.


    Garion raised his eyes at the Mr Pierce’s suggestion, he had not looked at sector 9 enough, zooming in on his pad he noted the extensive nebula and asteroid field, it was paticulaly handy that the nebula extended into sector 6.

    I have to agree with Mr Pierce, sector 9 seems to be a good choice, it’s also closer and has less risky routes to all stations apart from the base in Sector 1.


    Raiden moved his chair to upright position, looked around to confirm that noone else is about to speak.

    Erm, the modular base prefabs that our transports carry do require tethering to an asteroid of 150m diameter to ensure all basic needs of the Task force are covered in a single installation. Command has always assumed that we will dig into the asteroid and place some additional modules there, to protect the personnel from solar radiation. It was also expected that we place the base into a nebula to maximize shielding of our electromagnetic radiation as well. Onwia doesn’t have particularly corrosive mixture of gasses in its nebulae and thus locations that have been mentioned so far all conform to the expectations for maximum operability of the task force.

    Tactically, ease of access needs to be weighed against defensibility of the installation and this needs to be a ballancing act. From the looks of it, a potential location in Sector 9 would offer better maneuverability as the patch of the nebulae is larger than the other locations. The only problem that I see is the fact that enemy also could close in undetected through the nebula and that we need to cover using passive or active detection. Patrol protocols would need to be adjusted as well.

    Raiden moves a diagram onto the main projection screen with a flick of his finger. A circular pattern for deployment of passive sensor net is shown as well as patrol route through the nebula.

    Also, if we prepare a shuttle with false signals emitters, we could deflect any scouting party from the approach path for long enough to power down all base systems and render the location virtually undetectable. Enemy would have to get within visual range to realize they have guests there and the nebulae here and here are dense enough to offer only few meters of visibility at best.

    Raiden puts down his pad, turns around as if expecting some affirmation, but seeing everybody deep in their thoughts, reclines into his chair again.


    Edward takes a step forward again, addressing everyone in the meeting

    Talking about false signals, would it be possible to make make a fake base like structure that could move about the system undetected except when needed to transmit signals? We could place something like that on the other side of the system and activate it when we need to draw attention away from the location of our base?

    I do agree with Lieutenant Raiden, the size and shape of the nebulae also makes it easier for the Hegemony to sneak up on the base, which would be a bad thing of course. Might there be a way for us to use the sensors of the base to make it easier for us to spot someone within the nebulae within the sector we place ourselves in? Our ships already share sensor readings with eachother, is there a way for us to extend it to something else like the station or a buoy of some kind?

    Having verbalized his ideas, Edward takes a step back again

    Aideron Tivianne

    While the nebulae make hiding for both sides easier, this still gives us an advantage. After all, as long as the Hegemony does not even know we are her, they would not even try to sneak up on us, while we don’t have that problem. In that sense, the increased operational range of a larger nebula would be preferable, in my opinion.

    Also, since the nebula does not contain any enemy stations, we could extend our sensor range via buoys to cover the whole edge of it. That would mean that we’d detect any aggressors before they even enter the nebula itself, thus negating any stealth advantage in the first place.

    Ensign Deadman

    After hearing everything said I wait for a break and speak up.

    I have to agree with everything being said about sensors inside the nebula, we could also put hidden buoy’s in the Adjacent sectors to so we have an early warning system to give us more time to respond to any threat that might become our way.

    After offering my thoughts I got back to my pad

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