Favored Foes

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    Lewis Remmick

    As I’m working more with the TSN, I’m learning just how many different adversaries we face. And people clearly seem to have opinions about them. I wondered if there was consensus about them.

    Which enemies do you prefer to face, and why?

    By that token, which enemies do you dread going up against most, and why?


    I am not ashamed to say I have developed a bit of a phobia concerning the Caltrons. Its started to defeat them, but they are so… weird. Plus the fact that whoever sends them can control anomalies somehow, which is screwed up in itself.

    I like going up against Pirate ships. They are scum, but powerful and scheming, so It is interesting to see what they will do next and how exactly I’m going to blow them out of the sky this time.


    Morlock could not have said it better.

    Maurice Allard

    There are worse things in our galaxy than the Caltrons. I’m sure of it since I have to develop things in R&D in case we fight something worse.

    It’s why I can’t sleep at night.

    Adele Mundy

    The Caltrons are an enigma, particularly frustrating because they don’t respond to comms.
    The Unukalhai are a moral quandary, because they’re human.


    With their massive ships and weapons, it’s the Unukalhai and N’tani that concern me. I always worry about getting blown out of the sky when we face them.

    I like going up against Skarans. They tend to have good pilots, and there’s always something different on their ships, so you never quite know what you’ll be facing.


    I don’t see the moral quandary. You don’t start none you don’t get none. They’ve been murdering their way through a lot of our space, so screw them.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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