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    Not really sure where to post this so please bear with me.

    I am a linux user (Manjaro) and I have installed Artemis on my system. I thought my version was corrupted at first (due to various updates over the years) so I’ve grabbed a friend’s, but same difference upon attempting to install the mod.

    Problem: The logo doesn’t appear on the main screen (there are potentially other issues yet to be discovered but this is most noticeable).

    My method:
    1. Install Artemis
    2. Patch Artemis via Artemis Website to 2.7.1.
    3. Download the Master (2.009)
    4. Extract Master files to overwrite Artemis files.
    5. Download the Patch (2.010)
    6. Extra Patch files to overwrite Artemis files
    7. Open up the terminal in the Artemis.exe location
    8. Run: wine cmd /c ‘zEnable Expansion.bat’

    The TSN files appear to load in the game (see various references to /dat/TSN being called during loading.

    The logo does not appear instead it shows as the non-modded version.

    Work Around
    1. Go to Artemis/Dat
    2. Find ‘logo512.png’
    3. Rename ‘logo512.png’ as ‘logo512-old.png’
    4. Find ‘Logo512.png’
    5. Rename ‘Logo512.png’ as ‘logo512.png’

    Result: The logo appears as it should.

    Unfortunately, if it’s doing it for one file, it’s probably doing it for half a dozen others too. Could someone investigate?


    Thomas Avirson

    Hello Sabasti, I’ll start with an explanation of things as I understand it and then provide you with a step-by-step process to try.

    Once the mod is installed it’s already active, so you can skip running “zEnable Expansion.bat” as the only reason for it (and “zDisable Expansion.bat”) is to allow you to turn the mod on & off. I would instead recommend making a copy of the original Artemis directory and renaming it to “ArtemisTSN” or something similar, and then extracting the mod files to that TSN copy.

    There is also a known issue with some our currently posted files; you’ll want to download two other files and use them to replace files under the same names in the dat directory of your Artemis copy.


      1. Install Artemis.
      2. Make a copy of the entire base Artemis directory & rename it “ArtemisTSN” (or similar).
      3. Download the “Full Upgrade File” from our site; ignore the “Patch Only File” for now.
      4. Extract the contents of “mod-master” (from the “Full Upgrade Files” download) to the ArtemisTSN directory.
      5. Download the corrected files (here and here) and use them to replace the files of the same names in the dat directory of your ArtemisTSN.
      6. Try to launch “Artemis.exe” from your ArtemisTSN directory.

    Hopefully this will fix it for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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