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    During the last mission we had, I created a “Planetside” Expansion to the forum RP documents. It included new modules specific to exploring planets. It also included an equipment list for what a TSN officer might carry, or have access to, during such a mission. We already have a TSN Armoury document to gather together weapons that we can carry or that might be encountered (though it still needs expanding), so I was thinking of using the same idea to create a TSN Equipment document in which we could include information about all the equipment we might need or carry for a particular mission.

    Going further, there could be a list of alien equipment e.g. Kralien tech we might encounter, as well as things like vehicles. In the future, we could put together a “homesystem” expansion and detail homeworlds and planets in the TSN, like different types of settlement, technologies, government systems etc.

    So, for this thread, I thought we could gather suggestions on standard equipment that we might use, as well as more specialist technologies. Here is an example of some from the Planetside expansion:

    Environmental suit – this can be pressured to allow officers to explore gaseous planets without oxygen/nitrogen atmospheres. It will not protect against extreme environments, or in liquid atmospheres.

    Med-kit – a small portable kit that has basic life saving equipment. More extensive life support facilities are available aboard the team’s shuttle, but the med-kit provides the necessary first aid equipment to stabilise a casualty.

    Survival shelter – a basic shelter that can be erected quickly and provide some protection from the elements. The shelter cannot be sealed or pressurised.

    Drone – Equipped with various sensor systems, these aircraft are man-portable and can be assembled and deployed quickly by officers. Capable of both manual control and automated AI control they provide a support element and can be set to fly at various altitudes depending on the roll required. They are not particularly durable however, and extreme weather, or ground fire, can cause a drone to crash. Drones have an automatic RTB (return to base) which can be activated by the onboard AI (for example when wind speeds or weather becomes too extreme). They have enough energy to fly indefinitely during a mission. Some drones available are classic “fixed wing” aircraft, whereas others are multi-rotor copters.

    Atmospheric Monitoring Station – This is a set equipment that can be transported in several packs to a suitable location and then assembled. Larger stations can be deployed in automated delivery shuttles launched from a ship.
    Most setups have a mast which contain a variety of sensors to monitor things such as atmospheric pressure, humidity, windspeeds, etc. This data is then fed back to the main recording equipment attached to the mast. The sensor recorders are stored in a highly durable casing, able to withstand some of the most extreme environments encountered.
    Power systems ensure that data is continually being captured. An additional transmitter, fixed to the sensor data recorders, sends the information back to an orbital satellite. This information is then relayed back to a command post, station or ship.
    All the elements need constructing and then configuring on the ground by a small team to bring the monitoring station online.


    Would a communications device be too obvious to include in the list? What’s the planetary expedition equivalent to 50′ of rope?


    A communication device would be fine to include. I think the equivalent to 50′ of rope is quite simply, 50′ of rope. It could be much smaller and lighter to carry, and maybe is rolled into a simple drum, the size of a can of beans or something. I have been thinking about the basic med-kit and have been drawing on some Star-trek ideas. Here is a write up of what I have at the moment:

    A small portable kit that has basic life saving equipment. The med-kit provides the necessary first aid equipment to stabilise a casualty. Included within the med kit is: a hypo-spray for administering drugs; a medical sensor, for scanning a patient to identify medical issues; a micro cardiac-stimulator, for stabilizing a patient’s cardiac functions; micro cell enhancer, for stimulating cell reproduction in wounds (it will not heal a wound but can be used to staunch bleeding, or sooth severe burns); micro neuro-stimulator, for stablising neural activity in the brain; and bandages.

    Adam Parra

    Is this using the Plantside client?


    It would include the Planetside equipment for completeness, but would detail all the other equipment available too. Some of the equipment in Planetside are already expanded on in this document (e.g. the med-kit).

    I have added a link below to so you can view the working document. The opening is a basic overview on what a TSN officer might wear. The next part is standard issue equipment. I want to include a third section that outlines more specialist equipment (think engineering gear or specialist medical gear), and a final section on larger equipment. I am thinking for the majority of the equipment, an officer could carry on their person or in packs. The larger/ more specialist equipment might have to be transported by a vehicle of some kind or would be accessible on a ship or station, or could be carried in pieces by several people and then assembled on site. An example would be the Atmospheric Monitoring Station.

    Anyway, see what you think and feel free to make some suggestions. Headings show more ideas that I want to add.

    TSN Equipment Document

    Rodger Wilcon

    I had an idea ‘ping’ up, and I thought that I should share it with everyone. (you’ll get the emphasis when you read what I’ve got)

    Point Identification Module (PING)-
    Nicknamed PING, the Point Identification Module is a handheld extension of the portable sensor pack. Allowing members to utilize information from the main sensor, the range of a stable connection is similar of that of standard comm. equipment, and can utilize signal enhancers and relays, if set up correctly to a sensor pack or database. This device has a small sensor range and can place and tag a ‘pin’ on a mapped area, which can be observed by other PINGs connected to a shared sensor pack or database.


    Cab you expand on that more. Where and when would you use it? What would its purpose be? Can you give me some scenarios?

    Rodger Wilcon

    I’ll work on it.


    Any more on your idea Wilcon? I want to take some time this week to set a new game going in the forum.


    I have switched around a few items in the TSN Equipment document, and added a note about carrying a personal side arm. There are now three sections to the document:

      Standard Issue Equipment
      Mission Specific Equipment

    I haven’t had many more ideas on what to add, but can bring in more equipment as we go along in the forum RP.

    It’d be great if we could get some more information for the player’s toolbox too to open up more possible options and ideas. I will create a specific one on the planetside modules so that the main toolbox does get too long. This should also help us develop the planetside module during such missions (such as the one occurring at the moment).

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