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    Tam, try to clean up that message, see if it has any other details.

    If the senior officers are in Atlantis system, I can only imagine INI will be keen on keeping us away from there. We may have to divert there on our own at the first chance.

    Ironclad, start scanning the Atlantis system for any signals that might indicate an uncharted Azure Legion base. It probably won’t be listed on stellar cartography, but with any luck we can at least narrow it down to a few sectors.


    Alia looked up from the console she had been diligently working on, doing her best to hide a wounded look. She tapped a few more times then glanced towards Jafar.

    “Transferring search protocols to Subintendent Ironclad.”


    All right, I’ll adjourn this meeting and let you all get to work. To recap:

    • Nhaima, you’ll continue to pursue intelligence from the ISN angle, so we’ll have other options than the TSN if we need them.
    • Tam, this message from Hamilton is the top priority, but you’re to pursue any other TSN leads that occur to you.
    • Ironclad, you’re focused on the Atlantis sector- where could this base potentially be, where could we expect ISN forces to come from if things go south, and where could we retreat to afterwards.
    • Song, you’re on the underworld element working with Rakaydos trying to identify safe harbors.

    The four of you are authorized to pull help from other officers if you need it. For the rest of you, if you haven’t got duties right now and you think you can contribute, approach one of those four officers.

    Finally, I can’t stress enough the need for secrecy. Whenever possible, try to keep to our ships where we have a little more control over security.


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    OOC- I’ve been informed by ONI that they will be feeding intel to certain officers, so check your messages (on Discord I believe) frequently. I’ll start another thread that is a follow-up meeting where you can post what you’ve learned and we can discuss.

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    Felicity Song

    Song’s eyes widen briefly on hearing herself put in charge of anything. She nods and says,
    Aye, Sir.


    As everyone makes their way to the door in a hubbub of chairs moving, papers being shuffled and stacked, and low voices, Xiph walks over to Overintendant Quinn.

    Sir, I didn’t want to say too much in front of the others, but I’ve managed to take advantage of some of my alter-ego’s INI contqacts whilst we’ve been here. With your permission, I shall see what I can discover, whilst not being too indiscreet.


    Thank you Mr. Xiph, that will be very helpful.

    He begins to turn away but hesitates and returns his eyes to Xiph’s

    Please be careful. Those INI officers give me the chills…

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