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    John van Leigh

    I’d like to remind everyone that there will be a Duty Shift this saturday, regardless of Thanksgiving.

    Every holiday comes with a session in which our numbers are inevitably low. But remember than this only affects a portion of our playerbase, and all the rest is expecting to come and have a fun time playing Artemis. If you can’t make it, report your absence properly, please.

    The only dates that historically were an issue for us are Christmas and New Year. We didn’t discuss yet what we’ll do, but rest assured: cancelled shifts are the exception. If we plan on not having a session those days, we’ll notify you as clearly as possible.


    Thanks for this annoucement van Leigh.

    To add to this; on christmas and new years we have not held a ‘formal’ shift, though there have been players turn up over that period to participate in an informal session and play Artemis. These two sessions are the only ones we don’t formally run over the year.

    Senior Officers will be discussing precise dates to ‘stand down’ during the holiday period and these will be communicated via forums and duty shift announcements when finalised.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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