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    I need to pause, reflect, and record this for posterity.

    Less than 4 years ago, I received my first temporary assignment to Lancer.

    My first official duty shift with TSN, and I was assigned to the prototype Interceptor class. Little did I know then how much she’d affect me and my career.

    My first shift was under the acting command of newly promoted Aposine, himself recently promoted to Lieutenant Commander, finding himself in command of Lancer, in the absence of her regular captain.

    To say it was a trial by fire, that shift, would be an understatement. The TSN was in a battle for survival. Domination of the sector was hardly a hope, much less, a foregone conclusion. Hell, it seemed as if we were thrown at the enemy to delay the inevitable. We were flung into the midst of an overwhelming force, hoping we could forestall their advance and domination of the sector until heavier reinforcements could assist. I don’t think Command could have ever hoped for the outcome the 4th Light could elicit.

    Computer: Pause log…

    Personal note: I think this is where the 4th Light really began to establish the expectations placed upon it. Word of this campaign spread quickly amongst the fleet, shortly following. Regardless, I think we firmly established our well-deserved reputation, even after our unfortunate visit to the “mirror universe.” Not quite sure if we’ve yet regained our former stature amongst the fleet, or if we’ve been relegated to fringe assignments. Since then, other divisions seemed to have pulled the “front-line” assignments of our fleet. Nevermind the fact that the 4th Light has been tasked with pulling their butts out of the fire and/or recovering their lifepods…

    Computer: resume log…

    I remember that early shift as if it were just yesterday. The expert weaving that Aposine performed, staying just outside weapons range, proximity identifying so many fleets that it was difficult to keep up on my duties as both Science and Communications Officer in such an unfamiliar environment. Lancer’s orders were to engage and delay as many fleets as possible – to keep the bulk of the enemy occupied long enough that the rest of our fleet could engage the individual fleets and nullify their threat.

    Pause log…

    Lancer’s always excelled at this. Is this where I’ve learned it? Is it second nature, or is it something that develops organically by serving on her? Is it something that calls to the officers that experience it on Lancer and, once tempted, beckons them to serve aboard her?

    Mental note: re-read Genesis and the passages regarding the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


    It was a hectic shift, that day. I had to learn on the fly. The bridge used terminology that, though unfamiliar, began to make sense, in a strange, but logical way. I quickly adapted, and continued to do my best. At the same time, emboldened by my ability to pick up their jargon, yet, at the same time, timid… unsure of how/what/when to say what I thought they needed to hear.

    Pause log…

    I remember how quickly I picked up on what Aposine and Jemel wanted to hear first about the enemies – location, probable tactics, elite abilities, location of cloaked targets. I began to anticipate what they wanted to hear, listing off what I felt was important to hear, if I were Commanding Officer.

    Personal observation: I wonder if this is where I began to exhibit the phenomona that seems to be most pervasive aboard Lancer: The Jemel Syndrome. “The Void” knows that the tradition continues strongly aboard her, to this day! Also, is this where other may have noticed the potential for Senior Officer in me? One can only speculate…

    Resume recording…

    Throughout my career, I have only been officially assigned to just one ship… the best ship in the fleet. So I say, and so say many of the officers who have been assigned to her or have had the pleasure to serve aboard her. I have had the pleasure and honor to serve under and with the best officers in the fleet. Officers who have inspired me, lead me, encouraged me, befriended me, molded me. I am unashamed to admit that the officers that I have had the privilege to serve with and under aboard Lancer – Jemel, Aposine, Morlock, Xiph, Clay, Avirson, Davis, blury, Tivianne, and numerous others – have shaped me, as a man, and, as an officer… molding me into what I am today.

    The honor of accepting the rank of Commander lies, in no small part, to the officers that have served as role models to me. It is with humble honor to them that I accept this promotion and recognition. It is to their example that I will continue to hold myself – both personally, and to the crew that I now call my own.

    It is with deepest honor and humility that I now look back upon my service. To all those that I have served with, under, and to those I have commanded, I am proud to now call myself, and be addressed as, “Commander.” I hope to make you equally proud of me, and inspire and develop that spark within you to be just as proud of yourselves.

    Computer: end recording.

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