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    // Completely unofficial copy of the current TSN Crew Assignments document in a condensed form for quick reference of… say, someone who needed to act as Duty Officer perhaps

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    Gabriel Wade

    Nice work, Matsiyan! This will definitely come in handy for crew arrangement during shifts! 🙂

    The “BC” for Raven needs to be updated to the new designation of “CB” and the “LC” for Phoenix needs to be “CL”, but that’s just nitpicking. 😛

    I like the fact that you added tbeir specializations to their names so that you still have an idea of what positions need to be filled on each ship. 🙂 Once again, nicely done and very handy! 😀

    Jemel Eahain

    I always thought it was bc and lc. Role of ship before weight class.
    I would love to rename the ships and set classs. Like battleship class for the battle ship and dreadnought. Cruiser class for all the crusers. Frigate class for scouts interseptor destroyer and escorts


    I was copying rank, specializations and ship classes from the crew assignments doc in the library. The doc is just a bit long to scan quickly.

    Gabriel Wade

    As far as I’m aware the designation for the Light Cruiser (in our community) has been CL since the beginning, which I assumed stood for “Cruiser, Light”, and makes sense for the updated CB designation for Raven (CB-014) as “Cruiser, Battle” (Battlecruiser) and CM for the new Hydra (CM-008) “Cruiser, Missile”.

    And I agree Matsiyan. I like the layout of the crew assignment document, but it’s definitely not a “quick quick reference”. 😛


    Good work Ensign. I love how quick and accessible this is.


    Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!

    Conrad Matsiyan | Eng | CTR
    Lieutenant-Junior | TSN Lancer | 4LDIV | 2FLT

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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