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    Henry Nett

    Hi there!
    My name is Henry Nett, and I just recently found out about TSN. I’ve been playing Artemis SBS off and on for about a year now (with the occasional same-room crew), with some experience on all consoles, although I’m most comfortable on Comms. I’m really excited at the chance to play a full runthrough with a full fleet, (and full crew), and am looking forward to the opportunity!

    I’ve been reading through the training manuals (and other materials) as best I can, and have been doing my best to ensure that my TS is set up properly (if anyone has tips, especially for whisper key assignments, that’d be very welcome).

    Looking forward to great times ahead!
    –Henry Nett, Cadet

    John van Leigh

    Welcome aboard!

    We have our share of good comms people, although we always end up paired with science more often than not. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

    Blaze Strife


    Be sure to download the latest TSN expansion (1.6.0) from here.

    As for the whispers, unless you’re a commanding officer on a ship, you don’t need them, so don’t worry about them, for now. 🙂

    See you Saturday!

    Henry Nett

    All right–the advanced comms training manual had an example which included whispering to C&C and the captain, so I wasn’t sure. Thanks for the info!


    I remember when dedicated Sci/Comms officers were rather rare. Nowadays they’ll outnumber everyone else, if this keeps up.

    I recommend showing up to your first shift about twenty minutes early so the duty officer has time to make sure you’re sorted out. The expansion causes problems for new folks every once and a while.

    Next shift is Saturday at 20:00 UTC, and lasts for about four hours. I look forward to seeing you there, Cadet!


    Henry Nett

    Installed the mod, and tooled around in a Lancer-class cruiser just for fun last night, worked like a charm.

    I do have a question, though. I’ve been trying to learn some of the TSN canon, and I’ve figured out that the Fourth Light Division is currently in the Euphini Expanse. But the post that explained this, along with an external communication from Admiral Coats, made me wonder–does that mean that the Cerberus Campaign is over? If so, what did the occurred during the campaign?

    And two last questions (although one may belong more in Canon Development than here). How do gateways work–are they linked directly to a single gate or a few gates, or are they all interconnected? And how did the Division get to the Euphini Expanse? Looking at the Stellar Cartography map, there’s no connection between it and any nearby system, nor is there any gateway leading to/from it.

    EDIT: Upon further examination of the map, I answered one of my questions myself.

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    Blaze Strife

    Cerberus Campaing has been over for quite a while now. This medal tells the dates.

    The most of the current story you can get by attending the briefing before the mission starts and then asking questions once you’re on a ship.

    It’s quite possible that Xavier simply didn’t yet have the time to update the Stellar Cartography (which we dan in-character blame on the science department), but they most likely used a gate. I say they, since I haven’t been on the duty shift the last time.


    Got familiar with the Lancer, eh? That’ll make @aposine and @jemeleahain happy. 🙂

    Yeah, the Cerberus campaign ended almost a year ago. Which was then followed by the Counter Intelligence campaign. We haven’t kept that Campaign page up to date, unfortunately… About the former, though, It involved fighting a war in the Cerberus System. That’s actually around when people started writing personal logs so there’ll be more detail in the early ones.

    There’s a classified gate to the Euphini Expanse in Waypoint 60. Public cartography just hasn’t been updated.


    Welcome cadet!

    Good to see that you took time to familiarise yourself with the best ship of the fleet (not that I’m biased, at all)!

    See you at the next shift!


    No, Xiph, you are not biased. She is the best ship in the fleet 🙂

    Combining Science and Comms is common, as it is the least worst redistribution of duties if short of a bridge officer, but the ship benefits from having a dedicated officer on each.

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