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    Some of you may already be aware, but for those who are not, I am putting together a document on our current approaches in combat (though it may extend further to guide on other situations too e.g. hostages, anomalies, escorting, etc). This is a guide on how we handle engagements and some of the best ways we have tackled particular types of enemies. It is not an analysis of what we do, justification or hard and fast rules to follow, rather a presentation of our current approaches which we have developed.

    TSN Battle Doctrines

    If there are any ideas to add, then you can present them here, or message me directly. I have started with a guide on managing multiple ships – how we use scouts, battle groups etc – and continued a second section about combating pirates.

    It is very much from an RP perspective, so you’re not going to see any of the common tactics like dragging monsters, and as we use missions with no/few anomalies (most that aren’t actually for energy) there are no references to their use, though there may be reference on what to do when you encounter an anomaly – remember, ours are not the norm; the last introduced us to the caltrons. As both will change in the newest update anyway, we’ll end up coming up with something different too.

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