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    Name: Alia Nhaima
    Place of Birth: Terra
    Year of Birth: 2210
    Height: 5’11”

    Alia Nhaima was born on Terra to a traditionally middle-class family. Thinking she would follow her father into a comfortably cushy corporate software job, she was accepted into a prestigious university with a choral scholarship. In the summer of her third year, she took an internship on Europa. Upon its completion however, she developed an acute case of Jovian flu, was removed from the performance ensemble back on Terra, and her scholarship was revoked. After a protracted fight with her humiliated parents, she took to the stars with her incomplete higher education under her belt and traded passage on ships for work. This finally saw her falling in with a militia that operated nearby Rhea in the Lower Arc.

    Needless to say the TSN did not endorse this personal defense force, but if they were happy enough to call each other friendly then one did not get in the other’s way. At least until someone in her militia ‘acquired’ a pair of military-grade Ximni jump drives. Two light cruisers were retrofitted in secret and deployed several sectors into pirate-controlled space.

    The entire mission was a fiasco. The jump drives had never been tested over missions of that length in combat situations and their cores failed after several emergency jumps to evade Arrows and smaller fighter craft. Their ships were ruined and drifting in space, so after the conflict was done they set off an emergency beacon and just happened to be picked up by a long range TSN scout after scuttling their ships. She was returned to the Atlantis system and given a choice of 18 months in the brig or the ability to join an Officer Candidate School program to fast track recruits through the Academy. Needless to say, Nhaima chose wisely.


    Service Record:

    • 30916-2237: First sortie with the 4th Light Division.
    • 221016-2237: Promoted to acting ensign.
    • 131116-2237: Assigned to TSN Raven (CB-014) at tactical, promoted to ensign.
    • 70117-2237: Appointed ADO to DO Lt. Quinn
    • 21117-2237: Promoted to lieutenant-junior.
    • 21117-2237: Awarded Personal Achievement ribbon, Practical Proficiency(Tactical) ribbon.
    • 1417-2237: Transferred to TSN Phoenix (CL-262), assigned to helm.
    • 1417-2237: Appointed ADO to DO Lt. Jr. Donovan
    • 6517-2237: Appointed DO with ADO Ens. Trueman
    • 3717-2237: Promoted to lieutenant.
    • 22717-2237: Destruction of TSN Phoenix, CL-262
    • 29717-2237: Appointed DO with ADO Lt. Jr. Xiph
    • 12817-2237: Transferred to TSN Horizon (CL-V-267), assigned to helm. Awarded Advanced Practical Proficiency (Tactical) ribbon, Meritorious Unit Commendation (TSN Raven), Meritorious Unit Commendation (TSN Phoenix)
    • 23917-2237: Assigned ADO to Lt. Jr. Marcus
    • 281017-2237: Awarded Meritorious Unit Commendation (TSN Viper)


    • TSN Raven: Weapons(permanent), Helm, Comms, Science, Engineering
    • TSN Sabre: Helm, Weapons, Command
    • TSN Excalibur: Weapons, Science, Comms
    • TSN Horizon: Weapons, Helm(permanent), Science, Fighter, Comms, Command
    • TSN Lancer: Helm, Fighter
    • TSN Phoenix: Weapons, Helm(permanent), Command, Science, Engineering, Fighter
    • TSN Viper: Helm, Weapons, Fighter
    • TSN Hunter: Helm, Fighter
    • Training simulations: Fighter, CAG, Command
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