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    Charles Beaumont

    From: Intendant Beaumont, Acting CO, ISN Invictus, 4th Hunter Group
    To: 2nd Space Flotilla Supply and Requisitions dept.

    Please find attached requisitions for magazine replenishment for the 4th Hunter Group, as well as requisitions for components necessary for combat system and engine repair and overhaul caused by the continued delays in the processing of our replacement support ship, forcing us to run systems far beyond their intended tolerances and maintenance cycles and waste valuable drydock time, when we can get it, and catastrophically reducing the 4HG’s combat effectiveness and deployment range. We have support crews ready to go, currently running what rolling maintenance they can during downtime between active shifts, and believe that they should be more than able to adequately crew and run the replacement ship, having developed a substantial amount of field experience and promising automation and efficiency techniques working in these adverse conditions.

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