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    Zac Turnez

    Turnez sits in front of a desk console, his data pad resting in front of him and interfaced with multiple screens on the console. Tapping a few keys, the colour of the console changes from a blue hue to a pale orange indicating secure settings and isolation from main station systems. He turns to address officers around him.

    I’ve isolated my console from outside systems. Uploading the sensor logs from the mission now.

    He keys a few commands on his data pad and shifts images across to the different screens around him. One shows raw sensor data scrolling rapidly across the screen, another shows a static image of Cerberus Sector VIII and several “ghost” images.

    This is going to take a bit of work. Lets start with isolating the ghost signals. We’ll then have to figure out how to phase them out in a way that looks natural. Any ideas? Does anyone know any interference patterns we can add in to scramble the signals?


    Key Reference Material

    Intel Doc (Comments enabled – use to assist with updating as required)

    TSN Forum RP Rules (This now includes reference to the new “Advanced rules” for things like combat).

    TSN Forum RP Player’s Toolbox (this now includes TSN Equipment, Armoury and Module details).

    TSN Forum RP Scaling Boxes

    D100 Dice



    Question being asked? AR = (difficulty); DR = (difficulty); Roll = (value); Result = (value)

    Italics for description/details of interaction
    Bold for speech

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    Zac Turnez

    Turnez runs the data through a Signature Analysis suite. The raw data begins scrolling across one of the data screens and Turnez watches the other screens closely as individual signatures begin appearing on the other screens.

    I just need to find and isolate the right signatures.

    Can Turnez identify the signatures from the TSN vessel? AR=High DR=Average Roll=64 Result=Yes

    Turnez carefully scan the monitors around him, checking the different signatures. He selects one and open the information across the various screens. One shows a rotatig image of a ship from visual sensors, another data readouts on mass, energy levels and other live data. A time stamp indicates the start and end of the sensor record for the signature

    Well, well, here we are.

    Adele Mundy

    At her console, Mundy waits for the orange screen

    This is so bad for the eyes, they should call it Zaphod Orange… She mutters. Turning to Turnez, she adds, I need to change something from the sims, before I ever get to the mission logs. It was the Fleet Captain, of all people, replying to a remark about a minor malfunction being attributed to the virus. And he said “Shame the virus is fake…” And I can hardly tell him off, can I? But I should be able to sample enough of his speech to change that to “the virus is a pain”.

    Starts running the sim recording

    Can Mundy
    A) identify the section she needs to change
    B) find a sample of Xavier saying “a pain”
    C) replace A with B without leaving any telltale signs?

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