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Adele Mundy

//That was me being what M calls “subtle” to be polite, when he really means “too obscure for people outside your head to understand”.
The memory palace technique is a way to remember things (lists, numbers, paragraphs in a speech) by placing them, mentally, in a space one knows well. Then one walks through that space in one’s mind, and finds the things one wanted to remember. Cicero is credited with inventing it, but it’s probably much older than that. The loci are the mental places, the anchor points. Locus means Place in Latin.
So what Adele is doing, having deleted her log, is putting in a new, supplemental log that simply appears to be a list of places, objects in a room she remembers from her childhood. But each object is the key to her remembering a section of the log. She shouldn’t really need to write anything down at all, but she admits to being out of practice. It’s a bit like writing down your shopping list and then leaving it on the kitchen table, most of the time you’re still going to remember what you wrote down.
And if it needs this much explanation, I made it too complicated. 🙁