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@Feil and I are aligned on how a jump ship ought to operated for maximum efficiency. We’ve gotten a lot of sim jump drive practice with varying crews. We’ve had ships that decimated enemy fleets without taking any damage at all, and ships that sank so fast the crew was left blinking at their consoles wondering what happened.

It’s not enough to just “get there and try to kill the enemy”. Combat maneuvers require a trained/drilled crew, and those are what make a jump ship’s surprise attack so deadly. Standard warp tactics do not apply and a jump ship ought not be chasing things around on impulse. Strategic jumps should keep the ship safe while any type of attack is used.

I’d even go so far to say that “facing” is not at all part of “jump”. Turning the ship takes time and is its own maneuver, with its own energy requirements, just like loading ordnance. While turning may overlap Helm entering bearing/distance, it’s really not part of the 7-step jump process. Again, this is for that “sudden emergency jump” time-shortening. If you are doing a sudden emergency jump, you don’t care where the ship is pointed and you don’t want to eat a fraction of a second trying to bypass your fanatically drilled “facing” process. Yes, for any combat jump, “facing” is needed, but it should be thought of as a separate function.