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Blaze Strife

//This was nicely written, well done.


Blaze made some questionable choices as CAG. He insisted that when it was time for Fighter assignment that fighter 5, the last fighter, take lowest numbered fighter. So Fighter 5 would be in TSN Mallard 1 instead of Mallard 5.

//Wrong. The other way around was what I was saying. Sorry if I was not clear enough. I just wanted the fighter numbers to be in the order you’re in on TeamSpeak, so you guys among yourselves don’t try to take the same ship. That’s all. As a CAG, I really do not care what number you fly in, as long as I know who the Wing Commander is. The way you took the numbers, as can be seen on your image, is good, in my opinion.


The health of the other Officers is something I’ve wondered as of late because of how often they seem to be in the bar and nowhere else.

//Hahahah @Aramond @delPino @Matsiyan @Mundy


//Love the pool adventure. Now I’ve seen it mentioned several times, but I have no clue if it’s something that happened on TeamSpeak, or what. Care to clarify?