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Adele Mundy

//I don’t _think_ Mundy and Matsiyan’s psilink is malfunctioning due to alcohol, leading Aramond to hear what Blaze is thinking… Surely not!//

There’s too much we don’t know. Aramond, you’ve known the Captain much longer than I have, you know the way he thinks…
I didn’t hear a response from the ship, but it may have been on a private channel to the Captain. I didn’t see the life pods, but they may have switched off the transponders. I don’t know what the R&D researchers’ orders were. I don’t know if they had any clue about what they were about to unleash. And I sure as hell don’t know what precisely brings the Caltrons swarming like hornets when you knock the nest down.
*sighs again*
I can’t make sense of it, too many pieces missing.