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Gabriel Wade

Hey all! Sorry it’s taken a bit for me to come back to this!

Tube duty is a prestigious honor!To be considered ordinance deadly enough to be wielded at an enemy is a compliment to your combat effectiveness! 😛

Back to the subject of the thread;

Matsiyan, I’m not sure whether we have Marines aboard standard or not… Other documentation we’ve had on ship crews has listed Marines as part of the compliment, and last shift the Raven sent a squad of Marines aboard the wreckage of that USF captured TSN vessel to retrieve what they could from it. There was not mention of it being a special case in which we took Marines with us because the mission called for it. However, that doesn’t mean we just always had them aboard, so that has yet to be determined I suppose. I loved how your post went from factual to dry comedy so seamlessly, by the way. 😛

So, if I did my math correctly, with 2 crewmen per quarters we’d need around 48 sets of general quarters. These quarters would have to be 3m wide by 3m long by 2.5m high. The Captain, XO, Chief of Security and Chief Medical Officer would all have their own quarters. And 2-4 guest quarters for the rare instances in which we have VIPs aboard for various missions. So, the interior of the “saucer” would probably be somewhere around 150 meters long, possibly a little more.

Coming back to the replicator subject, in MANY missions we’ve used transporters (or teleporters) to “beam” people aboard and back and forth and such. I understand that this has mainly been used to make the story flow easily, but the goal of this thread is to solidify some concepts for our RP. So, having used transporters extensively in our RP, it seems to be an established technology. My point is: if we have transporters and have the capability to convert the matter of a person into energy, or at least disassemble it, and then reconvert/reassemble them in the same order on the other end, why would we not use the same technology for replicating food and anything else we need aboard ship? It would be more efficient than something along the lines of what we’d talked about using. Or perhaps it is less energy efficient to the point that we don’t use it because of the amount of energy it draws, so we use something less complex and less energy-draining for those purposes and use the transporters because they’re practical for when we use them?

I think layout of the ship would be 3 decks (the two between on the light cruisers would be like jeffrey’s tubes), and on the top deck would be the bridge, Senior Crew Quarters and Guest Quarters, and the loading bay and torpedo tubes. 2nd or Center Deck would be where crew quarters and perhaps the galley and medical bay would be along with primary beams. Finally 3rd/bottom deck would be the brig, armory, and shuttle bay (which I picture being toward the back of the bottom of the saucer, sort of where that “scoop”-looking portion of the bottom of the ship is), and perhaps any science labs that might be appropriate. Engineering would be in the aft section behind the “saucer” and between the impulse engines (nacelles).