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Mezzomorto jump-rammed the Danube. The explosion was so powerful that a momentary kugelblitz black hole was created. There were no survivors. All quantum information that was once Mezzomorto was lost when his ship crossed the event horizon and was mangled into random Hawking radiation.
Perhaps this is how he wanted to atone for his sins. Mezzamorto and Pace had quite a history. Now they’re both erased from the universe.

We’ve managed to retrieve the Crooked Star’s black box. Mezzomorto kept all the documents showing that he was a TSN officer and working for Pace in the past. Therefore, it can be said that he documented all the dark things that Black Ops division had done, showing how this branch became derailed in time.

**He has some messages to us:**

Lieutenant Sketxb *I’m sorry, but you won’t get a chance to fly Crooked Star it seems.*
Commander Donivan *Please take care of Lancer. I’m disappointed you’ve removed some of the… upgrades I’ve installed.*

For now – we’ve received an invitation from Adm. Coates for some margaritas! Enjoy Colony Day!