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Log #3172

Stardate: 2010-2224

Stella is ours! cough


We have boarded the ship successfully. While we were pushing to the bridge, Captain Pace was shot and we retreated into one of the storage rooms. cough cough

They pinned us down and the flammable objects in the storage room caught fire during the exchange.


I could not even breathe but I still had the strength. 

I dragged Pace out and the last thing I remember was Commander D’Rani’s men clearing the corridor for us. I passed out. cough


My lungs were on fire when I woke up! I kept pushing the morphine button to ease the pain.

cough “Sembri mezzo-morto. Stai bene?” said Comms officer Lt. Vincenzo. 

He shifts into Italian when he is panicked. 

Ship’s Universal Translator did its job instantly, “You look like you are half-dead. Are you okay?”.

I said “I am fine, is the captain okay?” in pain. It felt like my lungs were being stabbed. I coughed.

I learned that Pace is in surgery, he will live. Cannot possibly explain the sense of relief that I felt. I successfully saved the Captain. cough cough

To soften the air, Commander D’Rani, who is now the Acting Captain, laughed and said: I like what Vincenzo said.

“What do you cough cough mean sir?” I was puzzled.

“I think you have just earned your callsign! Better late than never” he replied and smiled.

I smiled back as well. cough