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Log #1000
Stardate: 153-2222

This is my 1000th log it seems. It’s been nearly a year since the capture of that Unakalhai leader and its ship, the Griff one. Oh… I have become a full Lt. by the way.

We have placed a skeleton crew on the Griff to fly in formation with Danube.
I tell you man, this Griff can fire!

It is highly modified. It has Anti mine and Torp systems and countless others. Only thing it misses is a jump drive to be the perfect ship.

Jump drive on a Griff?! As if damn Ximni would share their tech with us. Maybe i am dreaming too much.


Pirates helped us greatly in finding and catching that Unakalhai leader.


We have lost many crew members.

It’s been months since we last received intels and orders from USFP systems.

We are on our own!


Last time we got an intel, it was saying that the Ximni civil war has reached its peak and it seems Ximni will leave the USFP for sure. Well then bye! See you never!


We have started a little academy on board the Griff ship. We are enlisting from pirate bases.

We have to do it, I mean, I understand Captain Pace and his motives. He has been a perfect role model for me in the last year.


We will train these people as cadets and man the Griff.


Oh… Ohh… Commander D’Rani started a competition to name the Griff ship. Everyone is excited. Ideas are flying around.

I have joined as well. I hope my suggestion gets selected.

I suggested the name: Stella