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Log #42

Stardate: 206-2220

It’s been almost a month! We follow the Unakalhai separatists relentlessly. Our shifts has been doubled. My fingers are numb from working at the console all day. My eyes are begging to be shut with all their weight.


I scanned the ship library for information about my enemy. It says

“The Unukalhai are an extremist, rebel organisation who hold the belief that humanity is the pure, superior race in the galaxy and other alien species should be made to serve, or be eradicated from existence…

…The current Unukalhai faction can be traced back to a group of colonists who escaped from the bombardment of Unukalhai worlds with a number of key ships and ship designs, including the colony seed ship Concord, at the conclusion of the Unukalhai Uprising in 2214. Ever since that time, there have been rumours of recruitment to the Unukalhai cause from human colonies throughout the USFP. Although many of the members of the leadership were killed or captured, not all were accounted for.”


Even though we are a small task force, our superiors have full confidence that we will accomplish this task. We will bring them to justice!


Tomorrow we will arrive at the Erebus System. It is vital to move forward silently. This task creates an incredible pressure on the psychology of the person.

I can tell that Captain Pace is becoming nervous day by day. Today he yelled at me because I failed to notice a plasma leak in engine 2. Commander D’Rani interfered.


It was a tiny leak yet it’s my fault not making system checks correctly. We might get noticed by the enemy. I will be more careful next time.