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As we all know, it all started with us being in the wrong system and receiving a black box data that holds proofs of Adm. PACE’s treason.

Thanks to Hjorden and Hegemony technicians in our Loyalist Fleet, we manage to further encrypt the black box data.

We have found some protected files holding logs of an officer named Aras Tenedos. Interestingly he served nearly 20 years ago on TSN DANUBE, the Black-Ops ship we encountered at Mria Command.

IT shows that Black-Ops division is older and rooted than we estimated.

The file seems mostly corrupted yet we will share what we can salvage from the drive.


Name: Aras Tenedos
Rank: Captain

Basic Info:

Enlistment Date: 33-2218
Primary Expertise: Tactical
Secondary Expertise: Helm

Promotion History:

Cadet: 33-2218
Ensign: 94-2219
Lieutenant, Junior Grade: 205-2220
Lieutenant: 3111-2221
Lieutenant Commander: 232-2223
Commander: 219-2224
Captain: 423-2226


2nd Fleet- 2nd Battle Division: 33-2218

TSN Danube: 205-2220

Log #25

Stardate: 205-2220

Finally assigned to Danube!
Can’t wait to serve under Captain Pace. 2nd Fleet- 2nd Battle Division is known for their strict structure but i am sure i will fit in.

corrupted data

Captain put me on helm. Tomorrow we’re going on a covert operation.

corrupted data

There is talk of the possibility of Danube being commissioned under another division.

corrupted data

Commander D’Rani says that in order to earn my callsign as a pilot, I must first prove myself. He’s a serious man, but I’m sure he actually loves me like a son. Good night diary!

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