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Episode 2: The Enemy of my Enemy


.. Routed by Comms relay 406…
… Received by Comms Relay 235…
… Redirected… CIC host…
… Translating from
… Fleet wide broadcast…

—- Madam President Kuyas Tolunay of USFP is expressing her views on the attack on Eris station live at the scene. We are connecting to the broadcast. —-

No matter what we went through, being together gives me hope on this painful day.

As soon as I heard of the attack, I interrupted my talks in the Neutral Zone and reached the Atlantis sector as quickly as possible.

I curse the terrorist organization Terra’s Fist, which carried out the attack. The supporters and funders of this organization will be brought to light.

I have also received information about 4th LD. I am a person who believes in common sense. It is unrealistic for a loyal and heroic unit like the 4th LD to suddenly attempt such acts. The background and reality of the event are being investigated with all our authority.

It is unreasonable to suddenly declare our heroic officers who have served their country for years, especially in these dark days, as traitors.

I am sure that behind all this a logical explanation awaits us.

I will discuss this matter in person with Admiral Pace at the Colony Day events, which we will celebrate very soon.

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