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… Routed by Comms relay 406…
… Received by Comms Relay 235…
… Redirected… CIC host… Fleet wide broadcast…

—- Admiral Oliver PACE is expressing his views on the runaway 4th LD. We are connecting to the broadcast. —-

Press Member:
Adm. Pace! With a surprise attack 4th LD has gained control of the Sumri gate in Tilminra. Were you expecting that? And how is going to affect the process of catching them?

Adm. Oliver Pace:
It would not be right for me to share information about an ongoing operation with you. As explained earlier, our troops are directed towards the Acantha gate.

Necessary orders were given to our troops in Tilminra. We will catch these criminals as soon as possible and bring them to justice.

Press Member 2:
Adm. Pace! News is circulating that you have requested help from Ximni mercenaries and Sechatzal ships to reach the Tilminra sector faster and sneak attack.

The famous mercenary Master Bor-Nova is said to be in this team.

Are these true?

Adm. Oliver Pace:
Do you really believe that such a ridiculous thing could happen? TSN forces are strong and equipped enough to take this situation under control.

TSN never collaborates with questionable communities and organizations.

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