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… Routed by Comms relay 406…
… Received by Comms Relay 235…
… Redirected… CIC host… Fleet wide broadcast…

—- Admiral Oliver PACE is expressing his views on the runaway 4th LD. We are connecting to the broadcast. —-

Adm. Oliver PACE:
I state that as all TSN forces we are after 4th LD.

Since we think they are hiding in the Sumri system, we search this system every inch.

You can believe that these traitors, these Hjorden lovers will never escape and face the sharp sword of justice!

If you see them, remember that they no longer have rank and privilege, report them immediately to the nearest authorized unit.

Press Member:
Admiral! Admiral! What do you think of Hjorden and USFP relations?

Adm. Oliver PACE:
What relationship? I can’t comment on a non-existent situation, can I?

USFP President thinks that Hjorden people have fallen victim to misunderstanding. If only she had taken care of USFP citizens as much as she took care of the Hjordens, we wouldn’t be left helpless in this situation.

We wouldn’t be fighting across the galaxy for other races in endless wars.