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—- Hjorden Monarch Nax Vugne is expressing his views on the attack on Eris station live at the scene. We are connecting to the broadcast. —-

My condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the treacherous attack on Eris station. I hope that the perpetrators and instigators of the attack will be brought to justice as soon as possible.

As the Hjorden saying goes, “Even if it’s a snapped antenna, your right is out there. Seek and find!”

I am one of those who believe that it is time to ask ourselves why we have come this way.

Didn’t we bathe under the same star?

Didn’t we drink the same water?

Didn’t we endure the same troubles and die in the same wars?

So why this separation now? And why this separation at the moment when we should be most united?

Some communities within TSN argue that they have been fighting for us with us for years and that it was futile. What you are ignoring is this: we are fighting with you for you! We are fighting the same enemy. We support you with our resources. We raise our strongest larvae and drive them to the fronts.

Enough of this nonsense! Long live unity! Long live democracy!

Remember Eris!