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… Routed by Comms relay 406…
… Received by Comms Relay 235…
… Redirected… CIC host… Fleet wide broadcast…


There was an explosion at the Eris station in the Atlantis System!

The Hjorden Embassy at Eris station in Sector 7, Atlantis System, was bombed.

500 Hjorden citizens and 200 USFP citizens lost their lives in the attack.

The attack is believed to have been carried out by a transport ship arriving from the Titan gate near Eris station.

As it is known, the tension between the USFP and the Hjorden administration has been escalating recently.

This attack culminated in escalating tensions since USFP representatives accused the Hjorden rulers of collaborating with Hegemony against USFP.

It is considered that the attack may have been carried out by Terra’s Fist, a separatist and racist group founded by USFP citizens.

As it is known, this group recently demanded the repatriation of the citizens of the Neutral States within the USFP to their own regions.

We will continue to share information about the attack with you.