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Tuor Elanesse

Commander Tuor takes a sip from his canteen which is holding a coffee and whiskey mixture.

Hjorden diplomats revealed the information that Adm. Oliver Pace is planning a military coup against the president of USFP. They believe that Adm. Pace is working with Hegemony. They promised the admiral a peace treaty and wealth for the sake of Hjorden systems and probably many others.

After Mezzomorto was captured, Hegemony saw an opening for their ships to advance and used TSN as puppet.

Hjorden Command was singled out in the council and TSN ceased assisting. Comms Relays are down. And now, Hegemony fleets are preparing for a full scale invasion to advance in the Neutral Zone.

We need to stop this from happening. The black box data we found has the comms traffic between admiral and the traitors. President has to see them.

We can slingshot to TSN Command in Atlantis Sector to reveal this ruse and protect the president by using Hjorden slingshots but we need to gain allies first by helping other factions.

You are right about Adm. Coates, he is the only one we can trust.

He orders that we can establish a base of operations in Tilminra sector, out of reach. Tilminra is easy to control and we need to resupply till we find the derelict slingshot array that Hjordens talk about.