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Aideron Tivianne

“I know,” Tivianne responds to both of Donovan’s spoken and alluded-to statement, keeping his reassuring smile. “But you got this. And you have help, if you want it.”

Shifting his attention to the approaching Tetra, he continues: “Stories? Oh, yes. Have I told you about how we once took down six Torgoth command ships in as many minutes? And by ‘we’, I mean Lancer. The rest of the fleet also took down eight or nine of them in the same time, of course, but that was total, not each ship. And we were slightly faster, to boot.

“I almost couldn’t believe it when we hit low Energy after the fourth one but Donovan here ordered us to keep going. And then I thought him mad when he again answered my ‘Energy critical’ with ‘Last target!’ But it worked out. Proudest moment in the TSN for me, still. Earned me this bad boy here.” Tivianne points to his chest, forgetting that he’s wearing his slacks which don’t have his badges. “And I’ll never forget the satisfaction in his voice when he reported to the FC that the enemies were dealt with.

“You see, the original order was that we should delay them, not engage. They expected us to play rabbit, not hawk,” Tivianne finishes with a laugh.