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“Good evening, Garion. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, these are some trying times. I remember Tuor from years ago – I was quite a green junior officer back then. I never imagined we’d be put in such an adversarial position.”

Donovan reaches out with his leg to kick out a chair as Tivianne approaches.

“Thanks, Tivianne. It’s not me, so much, that I’m worried about. This time, it’s not me under the microscope. I almost prefer it, if it were. This is about the 4th Light. I may have done some questionable things in the past, and I’d be willing to take the consequences, if it meant shielding the rest of the Division. This is… different.”

Donovan notices Das downing his first, then motions to Damian and mouths the words, ‘Make it a tall!’ then continues…

“This is the Division relying on me, in a way that it hasn’t needed to, in the past. I’ve got to come up with some irrefutable evidence and some convincing arguments, to make sure the blame doesn’t roll down from Command and obliterate what we’ve built. Leave it to me to open my big mouth and put me in this position, but there was no way I would let Tuor go at Blury without stepping in. You all are…” Donovan hesitates, knowing Tivianne and Das would catch it, and hoping Garion wouldn’t “…family.”