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Roshin Das

Das’ sluggish steps made their way into the bar. Not many days lead him to needing the strong stuff, but this was one. He took a seat on one of the stools and motioned for Damian, then placed his data-pad down next to him.

“Bottom shelf. Anything with the word ‘spice’ in it, eh? Thanks”

He slouched over the bar as Damian prepared his drink, and took a look around, spotting Tivianne, Garion and Donovan all sat around a table. Das hadn’t yet finished collating the Lancer access or sensor logs. He’d spent so much time locking down the ship and enforcing crew access restrictions, he hoped that Swann might’ve managed to cover the data related tasks, but it was starting to look like Das would be pulling an all-nighter.

Damian slid the drink in front of him.

“Cheers. How much?”

“The Commander’s got you covered tonight” he said in a hushed voice, which confused Das, but he didn’t question it.

Das grabbed the drink and swivelled in his seat to face the table. He raised his glass to Donovan in a gesture of thanks, then turned back to his pad. A notification caught his attention and Das read it under his breath.

“Energy Reading Analysis… Hey, just add it to the pile, Tivianne. I need to dig out your encryption codes” Another glance over his shoulder and he shook his glass at the three again, with a forced smile at Tivianne especially. “Damnit, Tuor, you sure know how to suck the fun out of everything.”

He took a swig of his drink, and bit back at the taste. Damian gave an unimpressed snort. Das replied with a thumbs up and a knock on the bar signalling for his second to be prepared.

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