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Tuor Elanesse

Tuor enters the bar, escaping from the looks judging him every second. The trial was not going well. He was upset that he has to go through this, but he couldnt help himself when it comes to duty. He saw a Hjorden officer sitting by herself, alone. Without startling her, Tuor approached closer.

“Do you speak common tongue?*


“Sorry to bother, but DO – YOU – SPEAK – COMMON – LANGUAGE?”

“Hkrnf poght krelgh lagh?”

“Thats perfect, its easier to talk to a stranger who does not understand… What do you drink? Whats your poison?”

Hjorden female looked confused

“Damian, can i have a Rom and for my friend here Hjorden whiskey”

“Right away Commander, good choice!” Damian smiled while pouring the liquid as if he is aware of how tired and upset Tuor is

“You know, i like my friends! But Admiral Pace and Coates assigned me here. I have to obey their orders. I feel i am torn apart between my friends and the admiral. Have you ever experienced a thing like that?”

He stared at her with watery eyes

“Kagh pligk nthg!”

“Do you have a heart under that hard exoskeleton? I hope you dont… Because if you do have it, it hurts… It hurts bad”

Tuor chugged the Rom with a swift gesture

“I hope they ll forgive me for what i have done. After this trial i will talk to Admiral and ask him to release me from my duty as liaison. I ll want a permanent assignment to 4LD”

“Kgjfkfkkd yeuır mbshsh!!!”

Hjorden officer stood up with anger

“Okay! Okay! I m going. Enjoy your drink. Thank you for listening”

As Commander Tuor leaving the bar, Hjorden female was explaining the situation to security officers, showing the Commander with her multiple digits that humans might call fingers. Tuor never looked back or stopped to listen,he unbottoned a button from his uniform to inhale easily and lit a cigarette afterwards. As the fume burns his eyes he clenched his jaw to endure.