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Garion listened to each officer’s suggestions, each brought a different perspective and suggestion, filling him with optimism that the division would defeat this new foe.

He looked to Xiph,
I think a simulation is a great idea, Sir, perhaps we can combine it with some of the tactics that have been suggested here. Lieutenant Commander Sketch raises an interesting point, he can’t shoot down our torpedos or mines and with Lieutenant Yooey’s EMP, and teleback cool down options we have the start of a good plan. With the likelihood of a ship being tractored, unless we can disrupt it, I am nervous at the prospect of using heavy ordnance. However, it may become necessary.

We can simulate Mezzomorto on our systems, we have enough data to get a good approximation of his ship. I suggest we use the simulation to try the ideas that have been suggested. I’ll also suggest that if they wish to, the officer that has suggested the plan would take tactical command during the simulation. Assuming the division commander is happy with that.

– Lieutenant Commander Sketch’s coordinated EMP, PShock, Beams attack
– Lieutenant Yooey’s teleback suggestion and potentially use of cluster mines.

In the meantime, I will ask the appropriate departments to investigate whether we can use a tag to disrupt the systems on the Crooked Star, the TSN does have some electronic warfare options available. I’ll also ask the engineers with a specialism in jump drives whether Commander Tuors suggestion of continual EMPs will impact his jump capability.