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Edward takes a step forward, on his open palm, half reading and half speaking to the room.

Sir, before we start with this weeks topics i would like to repeat an idea I had for disrupting the flow of traffic in Drenan. We could lock the gates from this side, if we do that to all of them, it would heavily disrupt the flow of vessels going to the front.

We would have to lock Onwia gate as one of the first ones and would have to build in a backdoor for us to quickly activate and deactivate it. The reason we would have to do Onwia gate first is because the Hegemony is going to assume we will flee through the last gate we get to, before locking it. This would also make the Hegemony search the system we were last in instead of Onwia.

When it comes to this week’s topics, i feel as if we are doing quite well disrupting the Hegemony’s activity here. I am very curious as to what effect our trick with the whale beacons have done for us so far.

He looks around the room for reactions and then takes a step back