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If our goal is to disrupt the hegemony war effort while avoiding collateral damage, our objectives should be to:

– Destroy military assets: ships, static defenses, resupply posts, materiel and supply transports, and communication centers.

– Disrupt economic factors: destroy existing stocks of raw material, prevent acquisition of new material, harass civilian shipping and induce delays in the movement of non-military goods and even recreational activities that generate revenue that could be appropriated for the war effort.

Mr. Pierce pointed out the Whale Hunting grounds in Drenan ยง4. Given our recent attacks on mining facilities and the shipyard, this would seem to be a rational target to hit instead. I’m not well versed in the Hegemony’s culture or economic structure; however, regardless of whether these hunting grounds serve a recreational or material role in our foes’ lives they are likely to be the softest target for our next sortie.

The next best alternative, if we wish to avoid habitually striking the same locales repeatedly, is to attempt to disrupt and delay everyday traffic by harassing transports moving between gates, stations, spaceborne facilities, and planets. We don’t even necessarily need to destroy our targets if we can induce them to try to flee from a perceived threat and attempt to lose their pursuer in a direction that doesn’t correspond with their flight plan. The biggest hurdle in this activity is obscuring our identity, limiting this activity to areas where clear sensor readings cannot be taken.

It might even be ideal if we could successfully shut down one of the gates in Drenan or beyond for a significant period, just to bring regular movements to a standstill. Indeed, we should be harassing traffic and crashing gates as frequently as we can without revealing a pattern to our movements.