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Edward Pierce

Taking a step forward, his pad in hand

There are mining stations in Sector 1 and Sector 3 which might be good target’s, that would hinder the Hegemony from building ships and weapons.

If we want to demoralize them, i would suggest taking out the whale hunting in Sector 4.

And I also have another topic i’d like to bring up sir? While we were destroying the sensor arrays in Drenan 12, we caught a transmission coming from the Hegemony Command station Dred Falsu. It was a message to someone or something called The Burning Fist (or something similar, i would have to check my logs).

They seemed to be talking about freedom and having hit something good.

Might there be any intel on an entity called The Burning Fist? If it is a Rebel group, we might be able to take advantage of that? That would undermine the Hegemony from within.

Edward takes a step back again and begins checking his logs