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Edward Pierce

Edward takes a step forward again, addressing everyone in the meeting

Talking about false signals, would it be possible to make make a fake base like structure that could move about the system undetected except when needed to transmit signals? We could place something like that on the other side of the system and activate it when we need to draw attention away from the location of our base?

I do agree with Lieutenant Raiden, the size and shape of the nebulae also makes it easier for the Hegemony to sneak up on the base, which would be a bad thing of course. Might there be a way for us to use the sensors of the base to make it easier for us to spot someone within the nebulae within the sector we place ourselves in? Our ships already share sensor readings with eachother, is there a way for us to extend it to something else like the station or a buoy of some kind?

Having verbalized his ideas, Edward takes a step back again