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Raiden moved his chair to upright position, looked around to confirm that noone else is about to speak.

Erm, the modular base prefabs that our transports carry do require tethering to an asteroid of 150m diameter to ensure all basic needs of the Task force are covered in a single installation. Command has always assumed that we will dig into the asteroid and place some additional modules there, to protect the personnel from solar radiation. It was also expected that we place the base into a nebula to maximize shielding of our electromagnetic radiation as well. Onwia doesn’t have particularly corrosive mixture of gasses in its nebulae and thus locations that have been mentioned so far all conform to the expectations for maximum operability of the task force.

Tactically, ease of access needs to be weighed against defensibility of the installation and this needs to be a ballancing act. From the looks of it, a potential location in Sector 9 would offer better maneuverability as the patch of the nebulae is larger than the other locations. The only problem that I see is the fact that enemy also could close in undetected through the nebula and that we need to cover using passive or active detection. Patrol protocols would need to be adjusted as well.

Raiden moves a diagram onto the main projection screen with a flick of his finger. A circular pattern for deployment of passive sensor net is shown as well as patrol route through the nebula.

Also, if we prepare a shuttle with false signals emitters, we could deflect any scouting party from the approach path for long enough to power down all base systems and render the location virtually undetectable. Enemy would have to get within visual range to realize they have guests there and the nebulae here and here are dense enough to offer only few meters of visibility at best.

Raiden puts down his pad, turns around as if expecting some affirmation, but seeing everybody deep in their thoughts, reclines into his chair again.