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Glancing at the master manifest for all the Onwia transports to confirm, then putting down his data pad, Xansta responds to Ensign Deadman’s question:

Based on our current operational mission profile and the limited amount of the supplies available, the ONI analysts are leaning towards a light base or no base and resupply from transports rather than a more permanent station. It’s much easier to preserve transports on the move than to defend a fixed location. However, a base would simplify resupply operations. We lose less if a small base is destroyed compared to the loss of a larger, more permanent station. The profile presented to the Hegemony of a smaller base more closely aligns with our cover as pirates.

Still, the Ensign’s strategic point has merit and his question should be considered. ONI, as always, leaves the final decision to the Fleet Captain as to how to use the resources allocated to the Fourth Light Division for the mission.

Xansta returns to slowly scrolling through reports on his data pad, his attention split between the conference and the seemingly endless digital paperwork associated with ONI responsibilities.