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Roshin Das

Standing to the side of the room, Das takes a step forward

Excuse me, sirs, if I may. I’ve taken a look into the reports and stellar cartography to see if there was anything we missed, and I agree that our next best course of action would be to explore the Onwia system. However, there’s an area I believe may hold some promise.

As noted in the reports, Drenan XVI has heavy traffic and after our attack on the mining outpost in Drenan III there will be heightened security in that area. Assuming that they believe an enemy interest in Drenan III, their patrol would be along the axis and a sector perimeter, which makes almost the entire corewards half of the system unusable, along with the trail side. But this does divert attention away from the Rim-Spinwards sectors.

Adding to the fact that all their operations in this system are mining and hunting, we’ve seen little to no reason to assume an interest in sectors thirteen and fourteen. Being so close to a gate may cause a proximity alert, so Drenan XIII holds no significance for them.

It may be a distance from the Onwia gate, but if we continue our usage of the nebulae and silent running, we could operate from this location, and reach the majority of gates with little disturbance. If further scouting operations prove unsuccessful, I believe this would be our best opportunity.