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Gabriel Wade

*Wade steps through the entrance to the place, and as his eyes take in the sight, memories flood the mind. The voices and faces bring the sense of camaraderie back as if there had never been the separation of time. It’s a feeling only the most fortunate know. As he walks toward the bar his head is level only through the effort not to let it drop. He nods to each of his fellow service members, his lips in a smile and his eyes reflecting a similar sadness of loss. He slides up onto a bar stool and nods to Guy.*

“One of those,” he says, “And an Arvonian Ale alongside it.”

*Guy slides the glasses his way. He first lifts Hjorden Ale to the memorial on the bartop and takes a reverent sip. Afterward he lifts Arvonian Ale to the same glass, nods to his present friends, looks “skyward” raising the glass to the heavens and downs it in a few chugs. He lowers the empty glass onto the bar and lets out a sigh with a pensive nod. He then looks to those close with a warm smile.*

“It is so good to see you all. I wish the circumstances were different, but for what they are it shouldn’t be any other way. I hope the universe has been good to each of you.”

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