Reply To: The Bar, 29121-2239


Quinn walks in the bar and hesitates at the door, searching the room for familiar faces. The tension drains from his face when he clocks the group at the bar and approaches.

Damn, it’s been too long. Almost couldn’t find the place again. Good to see everyone. Glad I’m not the only who requested temporary reassignment when he heard. Guy, one of the same? Quinn gestures to the glasses in front of his comrades.

I’ve been back on base two shifts so far and I still get turned around going to the head! Quinn laughs and shakes his head. Half the faces are new and the other half were basically cadets the last time I saw them. Honestly, that’s the biggest testament to the man’s training. They don’t stay cadets for long.

Quinn trails off as his drink arrives and he sips from it deep in thought.