Reply To: The Bar, 29121-2239


Donovan meanders in, taking a seat with his fellow officers

Look at threads the Universe has tugged. Isn’t it just the way that if the loom misses a loop that the rest of the tableau is cinched in to bring try to close up the hole?

No, I’m not a weaver. I can’t even claim that as an original thought. I’ve just been talking with people that I consider to be wise, and some of the questions and thoughts they bring up… It’s not as easy as decrypting a code or hacking into some “secure” system, but they do break my thought patterns and open them up to different paths. I don’t always understand them until later, but, if I keep looking out for possible interpretations…

My friends, it’s been too long, and I’ve missed you. The comfort your presence brings helps soothe the Void in my heart and soul.

motions to Matthew Vaj

Your presence has been scarce of late, as well, my friend. You have not been unmissed.

Guy! That special vintage! A round for everyone, and one for yourself!