Reply To: TSN Heavy Division drafts


RakaydosToday at 11:30 AM
Mind looking over the “TSN Command ship” I’m working on?
UEToday at 11:33 AM
Is this intended as a player ship or an AI ship? Or both?
RakaydosToday at 11:33 AM
Both, but it’ss not a Light Division ship, so sims only barring plot.
UEToday at 11:38 AM
So the main thing that jumps out at me is that the shields seem light for command-ship level craft. I guess that’s the only thing that jumps out at me right away as seeming ‘off’.
Mostly just a bit more curious why you broke up the drone ranges by 25 each. Think if the idea there is to break up the drones so they don’t appear one-on-top-the-other, a more significant staggering would be warranted. Probably 75 or 100.
Particularly at higher zoom settings, distances less than 100 bleed together fairly imperceptibly.
Not going to hash out the beam dps just now (need to be getting back in bed), but nothing seems out of scale there. Magazine contents seem legit–maybe a touch light on the mines, relative everything else.
Just noticed the efficiency. Yow, that’s punishing for travel.
Couldn’t say for certain without taking it for a spin, but with efficiency like that it’d better not leave a station behind in a previous sector. Thing’s gonna guzzle energy without even considering energy consumption from beam firing.
That’s definitely one way to put a limit on how much you can do with a bruiser like this.
The baycount has not escaped my notice, but don’t strike me as worthy of comment.
I think that covers my knee-jerk first pass commentary.
I’d really love to eavesdrop on Lancer’s crew flying this thing.
Would be good fun to hear them reacting to the contrast.
When I get up later, would you want me to check the beam nodes for knock-out functionality and, if necessary, fix them?
RakaydosToday at 11:58 AM
Sure. The front beam node is intentionally disabled, and the quarter and rear are intentionally hard to get to, while still making a pretty pentagram on the tactical map. I still need to implement the maneuver and impulse nodes.
The range separation for the drone launches are mostly to ensure that the homings hit before the pshock.
UEToday at 11:59 AM
Ah, got it. Makes sense.