Reply To: Civilian vessel targeting data.


Update: With a couple handfuls of notable exceptions, I have finished the process of (1) fixing every beam, impulse, and maneuver node that was previously not working, (2) adding maneuver and impulse nodes to any ships that previously lacked them, and (3) exhaustively testing every single ship to ensure every single node works–albeit a few do require particular angles of attack.

– Ntani Ranger: as a solar sail craft, it seemed appropriate that it should lack any nodes of any kind.
– Biomechs Stage 1-4: they’re pseudo-biologicals we don’t quite understand, and they can be scrambled by Comms messages. These points seemed reason enough to skip them.
– Command Ships: as I discussed with Xavier, the vast majority of command ship beam nodes will remain “broken” so as to preserve the threatening nature of these vessels; however, they all now have at least ONE beam node which DOES WORK from the right angle. Impulse and Maneuver nodes on all command ships now also work.
– Caltron Swarm and Superswarm: caltrons provide a rather unique challenge for fixing their beam nodes. It might even be impossible to preserve existing arcs on some of them while making them work properly. For the Swarm and Superswarm, being command-esque versions of the caltrons, I opted to leave most of their nodes as they are, in a non-working state, and make just a couple nodes work. Impulse nodes are fixed and tested working. As for maneuver nodes, no caltron of any size or combination has any maneuver nodes. I took that as a hint and didn’t add any.

I performed all of these fixes on a base of TSN Mod Version 2011. I’m ready to generate a branch and initiate a pull request on Github whenever y’all are ready for it. Just drop me a line and let me know which Repository to branch from.